Welcome to FOSS4G-Europe, 2018

FOSS4G-Europe 2018
July 16th-21th 2018, Guimarães

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The FOSS4G-Europe Conference will be held in Guimarães, Portugal, from July 17 to 19th, 2018. Two days for workshops are scheduled. On 16th, just before the conference and on 20th, after the conference. We also support a code sprint for two days, 20 and 21th of July.

The Conference aims to bring together the European FOSS4G community. It is not an academic neither a business event. It is a community event, to support face to face meetings and discussions, to foster interactions, to share knowledge and passion.

The Conference is organized by Portugal OSGeo Chapter, on behalf of the Europe OSGeo Chapter.

We will be publishing as many information as possible in the next few days. Meanwhile, if you have some urgent question, please email our local team using the address: foss4g-europe@osgeopt.pt.




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Remembering how we started’ is the conference tagline.

16 July


Minho University
17 July

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18 July
19 July
20 July

Workshops / Code Sprint

Minho University
21 July

Code Sprint

Minho University

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Keynote Speakers

Maria Arias de Reyna
María has been a free GIS software developer since 2007. She worked on different topics like routing, real-time map and SDI. In 2012 she started working for GeoCat, focusing mainly on the development of GeoNetwork opensource and other services related to spatial data infrastructures. María is a member of the Local Spanish-Speaking Chapter of OSGeo and is one of the founders of Geoinquietos Sevilla. She is also the President of OSGeo.

Victor Olaya
Victor Olaya is a GIS developer and writer. He is the creator of the QGIS Processing framework, and has been working on developing analytical tools for GIS during all his career. He wrote “Sistemas de información Geográfica” a 900+ pages free book about GIS theory, and its shorter companion book, “Introducción a los SIG”. An English translation of the latter was recently published.

Steven Feldman
“Trained as an economist, I spent the first 20 years of my working life in building materials before stumbling upon Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in 1998.

Through my consultancy KnowWhere, I now work as a non-executive director, a strategic consultant and an investor, advisor and mentor to technology startups particular with a geographic or location focus. I am currently chairman of geo.me, a Google Maps Partner, a strategic advisor to the board of Astun Technology, the UK’s leading Open Source geobusiness and a member of the Advisory Board of OpenCage Data.

I have been active in OSGeo since 2011 and chaired FOSS4G in Nottingham in 2013. I am a Charter Member of the OSGeo Foundation, a member of the Conference Committee, lead on the FOSS4G Travel Grant Programme and treasurer of the OSGeo:UK chapter.

When not working, I blog, tweet, talk about geography, technology, things open and politics and follow the Arsenal.”

Malcolm Bain
Malcolm Bain is an English and Spanish lawyer, based in Barcelona, specializing in IT and IP law for the last 15 years at his law firm id law partners. He focusses on R+D+I projects, technology transfer and open source/open content, as well as more usual areas of software, ecommerce law and privacy. He is a member of Free Software Foundation Europe, and has spoken at many events on open source legal and licensing issues.








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