B2B Mixer Event: Final Schedule

The Business to Business Mixer Event will take place on Tuesday, the 17th of July, from 18h to 21h.

Final Schedule

Mingle & Network with Refreshments
1st Batch of Presentations
Mingle & Network with Refreshments
2nd Batch of Presentations
Mingle & Network with Refreshments
3rd Batch of Presentations
Mingle & Network with Refreshments
Winner Announcement of the Best Presentation & Closing

We would like to thank our committed speakers, who already sent their pecha kucha presentations and we are looking forward to welcome you all on Tuesday.

Meet our Speakers at the B2B Mixer Event

We are glad to announce another batch participants at the FOSS4G Business to Business mixer event:

Peter Bruns, CEO of SunGIS Ltd.







Ladislav Horky, Head of Photogrammetry at Melown Technologies SE







Dirk Frigne, Founder of Geosparc






We are looking forward to welcoming you all on Tuesday, the 17 th of July, in Guimarães!

Business & Pancakes: The B2B Breakfast

The OSGeo foundation wishes to thank all the sponsors and supporters of FOSS4G Europe, by inviting them to a networking breakfast.
We would like to extend this invitation to our B2B participants, and turn this breakfast into an extension of out B2B mixer event.

The breakfast will take place on Wednesday, the 18th of July, at 7:30am. During the breakfast, we will have a short introduction of everyone in the room, and hopefully engage in
interesting discussions about OSGeo, FOSS4G and business. The conversations will be accompanied by fresh coffee & pancakes.

If you are not registered to the B2B mixer event, it is not too late to register yet, and benefit from this side event.
If you are already registered, we look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you at the breakfast.

Meet Our Speakers at the B2B Mixer Event

As the date approaches, we are delighted to present our fantastic line-up of confirmed B2B speakers, with participants from: Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Austria and the Netherlands.

It is not too late to register yet.

Silvia Franceschi, HydroloGIS srl




Jachym Cepicky, Co-founder of OpenGeoLabs ltd







Oscar Fonts, Freelance at geomati.co GIS Freelance Network







Ariel Chang, Scientific Researcher Staff at the Hafencity University Hamburg





Ricardo Sena, Managing Partner at WKT-SI




Joachim Ungar, Geospatial IT Engineer at EOX IT Services




Sandro Batista, Managing Partner at Focus BC





Andrea Aime, GeoServer Technical lead at GeoSolutions





Danilo Furtado, Head of the Geographic Information Division at Direção-Geral do Território
Paul van Genuchten, Engineer at Geocat BV

FOSS4G – Business to Business Mixer

The mixer provides a valuable opportunity for business networking. It is specially  aimed at companies and organizations which do business in the scope of Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. The event will include lightning presentations, as well as time for mingling and networking. The best presentation will receive a special prize from the organization.

Your hosts for the evening will be Joana Simoes and Maria Arias de Reyna.

Joana is a software engineer and data scientist, with a strong background on geospatial technologies and algorithms. Since receiving her PhD in GIS from the University College of London, she has worked in a range of environments, including academia, small and medium tech companies and the United Nations. Throughout her career, she has mostly focused on customizing and applying Free and Open Source technologies to solve problems in a wide range of domains such as Smart Cities, Fisheries Stock Management or Disease Outbreak Modelling. Although Joana has accumulated a large experience with object oriented languages and relational databases, she is always interested in picking up new technologies. In recent years she has been interested in the challenges of Big Data, as well as virtualization and automated deployment in cloud environments. Joana joined GeoCat in early 2016, and led the development of GeoCat Live, a subscription based service for running SDIs on the cloud.

María has been a free GIS software developer since 2007. She worked on different topics like routing, real-time map and SDI. In 2012 she started working for GeoCat, focusing mainly on the development of GeoNetwork opensource and other services related to spatial data infrastructures. María is a member of the Local Spanish-Speaking Chapter of OSGeo and is one of the founders of Geoinquietos Sevilla. She is also the President of OSGeo.

Provisional Schedule

Mingle & Network with Refreshments
1st Batch of Presentations
Mingle & Network with Refreshments
2nd Batch of Presentations
Mingle & Network with Refreshments
Winner Announcement of the Best Presentation & Closing

You can register for the B2B Mixer event on this form.


Institutional Partner

The FOSS4G-Europe 2018 LOC is proud to announce Direcção-Geral do Território (portuguese Directorate-General for Territorial Development) as institutional partner.

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